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Jelly and Cream

A shopify website in which we founded. An online store which mainly sells snapbacks and T-shirts.

Rashida Amin

Another mobile-responsive ecommerce shopify website which is based on islamic clothing.


A mobile responsive ecommerce website for interactive and engaging maths lessons. For children of all key stages.


A religious website built for one of our clients, which teaches muslims and interested people of other religions, about the nature of islam.

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We are a team of web designers and developers. We solve problems across any duration and situation. More than happy to provide for our client’s every need when when it comes to building their own website. With an excellent understanding of web programming and scripting languages, UX and UI. A logical approach to work. And producing meaningful output, which if not exceeds, meets the expectations of an expert performer.

  • Colour

    colors influence how a site visitor views his user experience.

  • Flow

    Flow includes the proper use of depth, colour, hierarchy, shapes and lines.

  • Balance and Proportion

    Proportion’s normally used to signify important elements, thereby bettering the flow of information.

  • Spacing

    Spacing is pretty much straightforward. It relates to the distance from one element to the other. All websites with a great user experience are well-spaced.

What we provide

- Checkpoint updates (The client will be updated on the progress we are making on the latter's website)
- Additional sketches and an analysis for the layout of the website, which will meet the client's requirements.
- A wireframe of the website (The early build of the website)
- A mobile friendly website. Which can fall into categories such as E-commerce, Responsive, Membership sites, and LMS (Learning management system)

What you provide

- To discuss what budget we are working with.
- The website category you are looking for, such as: Business, Portfolio, Stores, Personal, Musicians, Restaurants and Weddings.
- Subcategories, e.g Home, About, Contact.
- The text which our client wishes to use on the website, with the subcategories which the text goes into.
- Pictures which will go on the website, with the subcategories which the pictures go into.

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